Playing in the Rain

Rain, Rainy weather

When I was little, we were rarely allowed out when the weather was ‘bad’. These days, kids are lucky to be allowed outside at all. How much they miss out on!

The last couple of days have been hot and rainy in my town. Yesterday the rain bucketed down, today was a little more intermittent. You’ll notice I do not call this ‘bad’ weather. This is because weather isn’t good or bad. It simply is. Whether we view weather as good or bad depends solely on our own plans. A picnicker may view a rainy day as ‘bad’ but to a drought-stricken farmer it is salvation.

All kinds of weather happen for a reason, all serve a purpose, and all can be enjoyed. Who’s to say that we have to remain indoors just because the rain is falling? To a young child, this is the perfect time to play outdoors!

My children love playing in the rain. As soon as they hear that patter on the roof, their clothes come off and out they fly. They run around on the grass, sing rain songs, jump in puddles, giggle, play in the mud and generally have a wonderful time. By the time the rain eases off, they are wet, muddy, and in dire need of a shower, but their faces are red with excitement, their eyes are sparkling, and they are brimming with discovery.

Thus, when it rains, indoor activities are put on hold so the children can enjoy the blessings of nature.

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  1. Appreciate the link – thank you.


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