‘Too Safe For Their Own Good’ by Michael Ungar

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Opening Sentence:Tom and Janice thought they had shown the right amount of concern.
Synopsis:While our kids are safer now than they have ever been, we are constantly fearful for them. We drive them everywhere, organise their time, and cocoon them from every imaginable danger, assuming we’re doing the right thing. Even when we are teenagers we continue to manage their lives. Without intending to, we may be holding back their development.

In this groundbreaking new book, internationally renowned family therapist and social worker Michael Ungar shows why our constant need to keep our kids safe often puts them in harms way. By protecting them from failure and disappointment, challenge and responsibility, many of our children are missing out on the benefits that come with manageable amounts of risk.

Accessible, inspiring and practical, Too Safe For Their Own Good helps concerned parents set appropriate limits and provides concrete suggestions for allowing children the chance to experience the rites of passage that will help them become competent, happy, thriving adults.
Genre: Parenting
Format: Paperback
Comments:Too Safe For Their Own Good presents an opinion that I have expressed for a long time – namely, that parents today wrap their children in cotton wool, and that this is not good for them. Michael Ungar argues his case well, presenting statistics and case studies to support his view. We cannot protect our children from everything in life, and attempting to do so denies them the opportunity to grow into the wonderful people they are meant to be.

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