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Yasmine & Storm used paper (all they had available at the time) to create this suit of Armour after watching ‘Knights of Mayhem’.

The last few days I have felt really sick from a medication I am taking, so we haven’t done much by way of formal lessons. We don’t do much anyway, but we’ve done even less the past few days.

In part because of the lack of structured lessons, but also because I am currently reading What Do I Do Monday? by John Holt, I decided to place some of their learning items on the table in the lounge room to make them more accessible. There are flash cards for phonics, flash cards for sight words, sound waves cards, a multiplication tables placemat, some beginner reader books & some fraction tiles.

The results have been astonishing. Within minutes, Annie was playing with the fraction tiles, Storm was making up sound waves to go with the phonics cards and Yasmine was attempting to create sentences with the sight words cards.

It didn’t stop there, either. As each child finished with an item, another would take a turn, until they had all played with everything except the books and placemat. Of course they did other things in between, leaving the materials and coming back later, but it was absolutely fascinating to watch them inventing their own uses for otherwise mundane learning tools.

I am so glad that I took this step, and I will certainly be doing the same with any other learning materials we acquire!

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