Australia Bans Small Breasts (and female ejaculation)

Australian Classification Board

Australian Classification Board (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Australian Sex Party (ASP) said Wednesday that the Australian Classification Board (ACB) is now banning depictions of small-breasted women in adult publications and films. It comes just a week after it was found that material with depictions of females ejaculating during orgasm are now Refused Classification and Australian Customs directed to confiscate it.

A bad message

Australian adult blogger Ms Naughty says we need to look at what this ruling says to Australian women:

“Why ban small boobs? I can only assume it stems from paranoia that flat chests somehow stir up the pedophiles. And you only need to mention that “p” word to start a full-scale moral panic in Parliament.”

“Shall we put such hysteria aside and look at what this ruling is saying to Australian women? Basically, it’s classing a certain normal female body type as obscene. It’s declaring all flat chests to be automatically juvenile, something that should not be viewed by anyone because of a fear that it will stir up “base instincts” in certain people.”

“Can the Classification Board be any more insulting or sexist?”

Full Story:

This is absolutely disgusting. Will they be banning guys with small dicks? Will they be forcing girls to get breast implants next? In this day and age, when there is such a huge issue with body image, this is only going to lead to worse problems. Vote the sexist pricks OUT!

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