Patience & Sarah by Isabel Miller

Patience & SarahOpening Sentence:One way Martha wanted me out of her kitchen, but another way she didn’t want me burning wood to keep just myself warm.
Synopsis:Set in the Housatonic Valley of Connecticut in 1816, this is the beautifully told story of the love between two young women, Patience White and Sarah Dowling. Patience and Sarah have to contend not only with the prejudices of the puritanical community they live in but also their own cowardice and doubt, to do something unheard of – live together and love each other. They know of no precedents for their relationship – they must construct it themselves with only their feelings to guide them. They dream of going away together, of buying their own farm, and eventually find the courage to do just that.
Comments:This book is a beautiful romance written in wonderfully evocative prose. It is relatively short and not just easy, but a pleasure to read. I loved the language, I loved the characters and I loved the story. This should definitely be on everyone’s reading list.

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