5 Totally Random Sites

Every month I will pick 5 totally random words, put them all together, google them, and post the results. I am doing this for no sane reason – I just thought it might be fun.

This month’s words are: representation talk par duplicate microwave

This yielded 496,000 results.

Site number 1

The top post on the first page is IEEE Xplore Digital Library. The page I landed on was for a paper appearing in: Microwave and Wireless Components Letters, IEEE. Unfortunately, you have to subscribe to view the full text.


Site number 2

The top post on page 10 seems to be a random list of words in alphabetical order. Anyone with writer’s block may wish to click this link.


Site number 3

The top post on page 19 is titled Copyfight: The Politics of IP. According to their spiel they are ‘doing the real-world work in the battle to restore traditional balance to intellectual property law–at the front lines of what I’ve been calling “the copyfight.’ A noble cause to be sure. This site is fairly plain, but it is also fairly informative. Worth a look.


Site number 4

The top post on page 28 is a PDF document entitled ‘Bell’s Law for the Birth and Death
of Computer Classes’ by Gordon Bell. It appears to be a scanned copy of a magazine and might be of interest to those in the industry.


Site number 5

The top post on page 28 is a personal blog called ‘Inner Diablog’. It covers a range of subjects but seems to have gone moved to blogger in 2004. The posts are long enough to sink your teeth into but not so long that they grind. I have included both links below.



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