April’s Random Sites

Every month I will pick 5 totally random words, put them all together, google them, and post the results. I am doing this for no sane reason – I just thought it might be fun.

This month’s words are: repetition thrust lowering camera breakfast.

This yielded 180,000 results.

Site Number One

The top post on the first page is about a GPS Field Trip to Yellowstone National Park and Surrounding Areas. It is written in blog/diary format and is somewhat interesting to read.


Site Number 2

The top post on page number 10 is ‘Gaming Pathology’. This is a blog about computer games. The sub-text states ‘Piles of Games, Copious Free Time, No Standards’.


Site Number 3

The top post on page 19 is a PDF document entitled ‘The Ojibwa Dance Drum: It’s History and Construction’. Interesting if you’re into that kind of thing.


Site Number 4

The top post on page 28 ‘Strictly Film School’. The page I landed on was about a New York Film Festival and it was actually quite interesting.


Site Number 5

The top post for page 37 is ‘Gentleman Ranters: The Last Pub in Fleet Street’. The page I landed on is from September 2009. This site is quite interesting, and my pick of the month.


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