Australia: A History in Photographs by Michael Cannon

Australia: A History in PhotographsOpening Sentence:

The camera is like most human beings: it sometimes distorts reality, but it usually tries to tell the truth.


Over two centuries a great nation has emerged from the most unlikely beginnings. Millions of incidents on that road of turmoil and triumph have been fixed in time by the camera.

Australia – A History in Photographs will absorb all Australia as it tells our unfolding story.

One of the most important historical works, it is the result of years of research by the award-winning historian Michael Cannon.

Published near the end of the bi-century of white settlement, Australia – A History in Photographs mirrors the story of ordinary Australians, of people in power and of climactic events.

Through the camera we can look back on the times of early settlement, the violent suppression of the Aborigines, convict times, the gold rushes and the great period of exploration, the growth of transport and farming, towns and cities and the world of boom and bust, bosses and unions, wars and politics, to the present.

The photographs are accompanied by a brilliant text which explains the life of Australia as revealed by the indelible images of our past.
















This is a fascinating presentation of Australia’s history from white settlement to the early 1980s. I tend to prefer photography over film – I feel it has more soul – and black & white is my preferred medium. Thus, I found this pictorial history thoroughly enjoyable. The beautiful photography is not the only thing this book has going for it, however. Each caption contains a little snippet of history, making this book not just enjoyable, but informative as well. Australian history is not covered in nearly enough depth in schools, and I found myself learning quite a lot of interesting facts about my own country. This is a perfect coffee table book and one I highly recommend reading.

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