Moving House

Once again, I have gone for a long period without posting anything. I really do need to do better!

About the biggest thing that has happened in my absence is that we have moved house. Shortly after our last inspection, we received a letter from the real estate. We figured maybe it was a Remedy Breach for something we had missed with the house or garden, but it turned out to be a Notice to Leave. Apparently, the landlord wanted vacant possession so he (or she) can renovate.

Real Estate

Real Estate (Photo credit: allan.hane)

Not having an emergency fund (an oversight I am in the process of rectifying), this caused a bit of a panic on our part. We only had a couple of months to find a new place to live, raise bond and organise two weeks rent in advance.

The money issue was solved (thankfully) by rent connect and Qld Housing. Housing approved us for a Bond Loan and Rent Connect loaned us the two weeks rent in advance. With that out of the way, we were able to start looking at properties.

Unfortunately for us, the rents have risen astronomically since we last had to look. In order to find a halfway decent home we have had to tighten our belts in order to afford higher rent. We must have looked at 20 – 30 properties (applying for maybe 10) before we got approved for one.

We finally ended up renting a near new home in Gracemere. We’ve gone from paying $260 per week to paying $330 per week, but it is worth it. This house definitely suits Earth’s medical needs better. It is lowset, so he no longer has to negotiate stairs, there is an aircon to keep him cool and screens so we can keep windows open for airflow.

I’m also pleased that there are children Annie’s age in the neighbourhood and everyone is very friendly and welcoming.

We went through two weeks of packing and culling possessions, gave half our stuff to Vinnies, spent four days shifting and cleaning the old house and I’m still not fully unpacked. In the end, though, we are definitely better off.

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