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Inside first flap

Inside first flap (Photo credit: jimmiehomeschoolmom)

When we first started homeschooling this year we started out with Unit Studies. This didn’t really engage our kids, so we switched to unschooling. We have been unschooling ever since, so I feel it that we have given it a fair go. I don’t believe unschooling is working out for us. Not only have my children learned very little, but Storm seems to have lost knowledge. I’m not saying unschooling doesn’t work, just that it doesn’t work for us.

Thus, our decision to purchase a curriculum for next year. After checking out various curricula online, we are leaning towards Sonlight. It has the inevitable Christian content (most do) but it isn’t laid on too thick. I will also need to tweak it a bit to ‘Australianise’ it, but that’s not too big of a hassle.

I really like the emphasis on literature and history and I like the fact that the lessons are all mapped out for me so I can still spend loads of time with my kids rather than preparing lesson plans.

My biggest issue is the postage. Sonlight only send fedex, so the postage to Australia is quite hefty, especially since initially, I will have to buy each component bit by bit (eg science one month, maths the next, followed by language arts). I’m hoping Mum will help out with the core program.

If this works out and we decide to continue, next year should be easier because we can set aside money from our tax return. Also with the education refund thingy from the federal government we’ll get part of it back and can re-invest it into next year’s curriculum.

If you have tried out Sonlight and want to share your opinion (or if you have alternative suggestions), please feel free to comment below.

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