Time Alone




Hungry Jack's revised and current "bun ha...

Hungry Jack’s revised and current “bun halves” logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Everybody needs some alone time once in a while and today was mine. Hubby took the kids to Rocky for a few hours leaving me at home to enjoy the sudden peace and quiet. While the kids had ice-creams at Hungry Jacks, visited the river and played in the park, I reveled in silence and stillness.



I know I should have spent that time pampering myself or reading or even getting some chores done, but I instead I spent most of the time on the computer and it’s amazing how much more I managed to get done without the constant stream of requests for attention!



Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and so it is with my peaceful afternoon. The kids are home and as boisterous as ever lol.



Butterfly is relaxing after work, while the others are all just outside the door playing with frogs. Earth is cooking tonight, though, so I don’t have to abandon my computer just yet (^_^).




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