Christmas #1

Christmas gifts.

Christmas gifts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As some of my readers will know, we are a pagan family and don’t usually celebrate Christmas. Well, that has just changed. We (like many Christian families, I’d imagine) have found that the kids have been concentrating on the gift giving aspect of our holidays to the exclusion of the spirituality. Therefore, we decided to celebrate our holidays solely as spiritual affairs and exchange our gifts on the Christian holidays.

We are kicking this off this year with a bang by having two Christmases. My mother is coming to visit early in January, so we decided to have one Christmas on Christmas Day & another when Mum is here.

We got rid of all our decorations when we moved and, rather than buying more this year, we decided to make our own. The kids did most of this and they had a ton of fun. They did a great job to – I’m willing to bet that this is the best our tree has ever looked!

After much busy-ness and anticipation, Christmas Eve finally rolled around. With great excitement, the children placed their stockings around the tree and prepared a plate with homemade cookies for Santa and a carrot for the reindeer along with a glass of milk. Then it was off to bed.

Next morning, they had us up at the crack of dawn to show us all the wonderful treats Santa left in their stockings. Then, after brekky, we opened the gifts Santa left under the tree as well as those from friends and my mother-in-law. The pressies we are giving each other are staying under the tree until our second Christmas and Mum’s pressies are yet to arrive.

After the presents were all opened, we had some phone calls to make. First we called my MIL and we each spoke to her individually. Then we skyped with my Mum, brother and sister down in Adelaide. It was nice to see their faces. After that, I called my cousin in Sydney, which was good.

Then it was lunch time. Nothing special, just an ordinary lunch. We are saving the feast to have with Mum. The afternoon was spent relaxing and enjoying our gifts before settling down to a delicious meal of ribs and baked veg.

After a big day (and a very early morning lol), we were all exhausted, so none of us was up very late. It was worth it, though. We had a great day!

Now we get to do it all over again when Mum is here.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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