My First Driving Lesson

A speedometer using kilometres per hour. (km/h...

A speedometer using kilometres per hour. (km/h) By the way, the car is not driving. The speedometer has been raised using a computer that can control various systems of the car. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had my first driving lesson last Monday. It was…interesting. Scary. Exciting. Fun. Freeing. Easier than expected.

The very first thing I had to do after pulling away from the curb was to make a turn. I was absolutely terrified and on the verge of tears. Thankfully, I had a very calm, very understanding instructor. For those in the Rockhampton area, I highly recommend Jenny’s Driving School. Jenny managed to calm me in those first few moments – no mean feat.

So, after managing the turn without hitting anything or anyone, we were off at a speedy 25-30 kilometres per hour. We drove around the block a few times, until I got used to left turns, then e drove through another part of the estate where I had to make some right turns. We ended up in a dead end, so I had to complete a 3 point turn to get back.

At this point, Jenny decided that we needed to drive around the estate on the other side of the main road. So I drove on the main road and swung a right into the estate. We drove around the estate for a while, practising left and right turns as well as roundabouts. Then it was back onto the main road to head home. The limit is 100km but there was no way I was driving that fast! I travelled along at a more sedate 50-60 kilometres per hour. Thankfully, everyone behind me was quite patient!

Finally, I arrived back home, shaken but exhilarated. I am actually looking forward to my next lesson.

Point for improvement: I kept thinking I was too close to the curb and winding up too close tho the middle of the road.

Note to self: DON’T spend the night before a driving lesson watching Road Safety ads on YouTube! The whole time I was driving I was paranoid I’d hit a child or something.

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