Cake Balls


Trifle (Photo credit: Joe Shlabotnik)

Yesterday I baked a cake. Well, Ok, yesterday I tried to bake a cake. It didn’t turn out very well, though. It tasted great, and it was beautiful and moist, but I guess I didn’t grease the tin properly. When I tried to tip it out of the tin, only half of it came out. The other half stayed put. I guess it didn’t want to be eaten.

In any case, I didn’t have any custard or cream to make trifle and I didn’t want to waste all that food, so I turned to my new best friend – google. I found a really great recipe for something called cake balls. I’m afraid I forgot to note the website but if this is your recipe please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due.

Anyway, they are very, very easy to make. Simply take your ruined cake (or you can make a cake especially if you want) and crumble it into a bowl. Mix in the frosting that was intended for your cake (I just used icing sugar mixed with milk). Make sure the frosting is thoroughly mixed in with the cake. Refrigerate overnight. It should turn out kind of hard and very sticky. Melt some chocolate chips in a bowl over boiling water. We used two small packs. Form your cake into tablespoon sized balls, coat in the chocolate and place on a lined tray. Refrigerate until set.

Mine did not turn out as beautiful as the ones in the picture on the website, but they were absolutely delicious and my kids just love them. In fact, it is hard to stop at one!

So next time you have a failed cake, don’t despair – it’s just a sign that an even better dessert shall be yours!

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