Eggs, Eggs and more Eggs…

A Cute Little Bunny With Some Eggs

A Cute Little Bunny With Some Eggs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Easter. Chocolate. Bunnies. Bilbies. Children. Hunting. Yawns. Laughter.

That’s right. It is Easter once again, folks. And what a wonderful Easter it has been for my children. I, like most parents, am exhausted.

Last night (being Easter Eve), I had to wait up till midnight in order to help the Easter Bunny distribute eggs. Sneaking about the place, trying to find good hiding spots – not too easy, not to hard – shhh. Might wake the kids. No, not there, the cats might eat it. Ooh…here’s a good spot. Frozen – was that a noise from Annie’s room? Better wait a bit before we go in there. Eventually all the eggs were out, so it was off to bed, where hubby kept me awake for another hour talking. In the end, I got to sleep at around two-ish.

Morning. Whispers. Rustling. Running children. Muffled squeals. Moan. I want to sleep some more. Laying in bed drifting in and out of sleep, waking with each fresh find of chocolate. I give up. Up. Showered. Dressed. Morning everyone! Happy Easter!

“Mum, mum, look! Look what the Easter bunny brought us!”

“Mum, I found an egg here and…”

“Hey Mum, there were eggs all over the yard!”

“Oooh…I wanted to tell her that.”

“Mum, there was an egg in your kitchen witch!”

“Mum, guess what? Most of the eggs are big!”

“I got a Humpty Dumpty and a train and a bilby and..”

“Mum, there was an egg on top of the gas bottle and it was melted. I drank it!”

After the cacophony died down, we all settled down for some morning cartoons and Hot Cross Buns. Something or other Network of Kids. Ruby Gloom (I love that show!). Avengers. Then it was time for the TV to be turned off so we could the children our eggs. Count Chocula for Annie. A Peter Rabbit book for Yasmine, a Peter Rabbit tin for Storm. Chocolate truffles for Butterfly. All with eggs included of course.

However we saved the best for last. Asking the children to close their eyes, Earth and I fetched their gifts from Grandma. Such round eyes when they opened them to see their huge chocolate eggs plus extras!

The rest of the day, the children spent playing together and using the computer for longer than their usual allotted time, finishing with a delicious meal of Satay Chicken and some Miss Marple (yes, it was my turn to choose lol.)

Today’s funniest moment was watching Yasmine struggle to take the first bite of her chocolate teddy bear. It was so cute, she just couldn’t bear to eat it at first. LOL

Now, the day is winding down. Rellies have been called. Dishes have been done. Younger children are in bed. I have finally taken possession of the computer.

Happy Easter everybody. I hope you had as good a day as I.

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