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Candles spell out the traditional English birt...

Candles spell out the traditional English birthday greeting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We celebrated Annie’s tenth birthday yesterday. We don’t have a party every year, just on the important birthdays – 5, 10, 13, 16, 18, 21 – and Annie wanted it to be special. She requested to have her party at the Crazy Joker. I pointed out that I would be unable to pay for a Crazy Joker party in time for her birthday. She said she was happy to wait. So we had her party a month after her birthday, but she got her Crazy Joker party.

We woke up early and did the whole morning routine (you know, breakfast, grooming and so forth) then caught a bus into Stockland and took a cab from there to the Crazy Joker. We got there a little early but that’s OK. It just gave the kids more time for playing. The kids played for a while as guests slowly arrived. After a while everyone was called into the party room for lunch and face painting. Those who finished early got more playtime while waiting for the others.

Once everyone was finished, the party host held various games for the kids until it was time for the cake. Since we were in the Ocean Room, I chose to have a shark cake. It was huge! Then Annie opened her gifts. Finally it was more playtime while parents gradually arrived to collect their kids. Everyone had loads of fun, and it was really quite economical. Just $290 for ten kids, which included unlimited playtime, a party room, a host, a reserved table for the adults, all the party food, drinks (including one complimentary drink for mum), invitations, cake, lolly bags, games (including a pass the parcel game) – basically all we had to provide was the presents!

Favourite Moments?
Annie: Getting to sit on a throne while everyone else sat on bench seats and the big slides and the twisty slide.
Storm: Playing with Sophie (a girl he met at the Crazy Joker) and the big slides.
Yasmine: The big slides.
Nurture: Being able to sit and chat with Melissa (one of the parents) while the kids had fun.
Earth: Value for money and not having to worry about supervision or cleaning up afterwards.

For anyone living local to Rockhampton – I totally recommend the Crazy Joker as a party venue!

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