The New or the Old?

Notes. If your memory is anything at all like mine, then notes are something you cannot live without. How you make notes, however, is as unique as the individual. Some people have pretty note paper purchased for this express purpose. Others use a plain old note pad. Some people utilise any old scrap of paper they can find such as the back of receipts, or empty envelopes. Still others prefer to go the electronic route and make notes on their phone, computer or i-pad. Each method has its pros and it’s cons.

Myself, I tend to use a combination of methods, depending on the type and intended durability of the note. For example, on my phone, I have two ongoing notes – a list of anime with the episodes I am up to, and a list of speech ideas for toastmasters. I prefer these notes to be electronic because it is less messy when I have to cross out speech ideas as I do them or change the episode number as I watch more of an anime. They are on my phone, rather than my computer because my phone is always with me so I can add to the list at any time.

On the other hand, if I am making a shopping list or a budget for example, I prefer to just use a piece of scrap paper. It is quick and easy to scribble down a list and there is a peculiar satisfaction to crossing off items as I buy them. I also find I think better when writing than I do when typing.

Finally, I like to use coloured paper if I am leaving a note for my husband or children. I write out whatever I have to say (for example – ‘Gone shopping. Back by 5. Get yourselves a snack. Love Mum’) and stick it to the fridge with magnets. The colour provides a nice contrast to the white fridge, ensuring my note will be noticed.

How do you prefer to keep your notes?

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  1. I have to have my paper notes… but I have been using an app on my phone to keep an ongoing, ever running to do list. Its been great! (and thanks for the link back 🙂 )


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