Bad Luck

Gravitation: Maki Murakami

Gravitation: Maki Murakami (Photo credit: Mika Marttila)

I can’t play any instruments and my singing could easily be mistaken for a banshee. As you might guess, performing on stage isn’t exactly at the top of my to-do list. And there isn’t a band or musician alive that could make me do so. Alive is the operative word here, though. Because there is a band that I would be willing to humiliate myself to perform with. They aren’t alive. They aren’t even real – at least in the conventional sense of the word. They are Bad Luck.

For those heathens who do not know, Bad Luck is the band which features in the anime (and manga) Gravitation. It consists of Shuichi Shindo (vocals), Hiroshi Nagano (guitarist) and Suguru Fujisaki (keyboard) and I would give almost anything to be able to see them for real, let alone perform with them. I don’t just mean for their music, though this is pretty cool (seriously – I just love Spicy Marmalade!), but also for their personalities. I reckon Shuichi would be an awful lot of fun to perform with and I would not feel the slightest bit of embarrassment. He sure wouldn’t be boring as a friend either! Hiro is also pretty cool and Fujisaki I could probably get to like. At least he can (sort of) keep Shuichi’s feet on the ground.

Yep, if I had to pick anyone to perform with, it would be Bad Luck. What about you?

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