Tear Factory

I hate to cry in public, yet I cry far too easily. Almost everything will bring me to tears – a song, a movie, an anime, a book, even an AMV. If it is sad, I’m almost guaranteed to cry. I bawled my eyes out when I watched Grave of the Fireflies, and I couldn’t stop crying when a bunch of my favourite characters died in Naruto Shippuden. I cried all the way through when I watched Mai Hime and during parts of My Ottome. I never fail to tear up when I hear Letter to Narelle by Rolf Harris or Life is Beautiful by Sixx AM.

I think the saddest book I’ve ever read – the one which made me cry the hardest, was Mother Love, Deadly Love: The Susan Smith Murders by Andrea Peyser. This book not only brought me to tears, it also left me with nightmares. I think the reason it affected me so much is because I have children and I was putting my kids in the place of those poor little boys. I do not know how she could do such a thing and for the reasons she did.

What about you? Have you ever been brought to tears from a movie, book or song?

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