The power of black

English: Runway model; Abigail Keats Autumn/Wi...

English: Runway model; Abigail Keats Autumn/Winter 2010 collection; Audi Fashion Week. Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If I could only wear one colour for the next month, I would invariably choose black. No, I am not in mourning. Nor am I a goth. But black, as a colour for clothing has many advantages. To begin with, it is incredibly slimming. Just ask any woman with a body image problem, and she will inevitably mention the power of black.

Another thing about black is that it covers up a lot. White, for example, shows up any spec of dirt. Black, on the other hand, while it shows up fluff a little much, hides dirt and spills quite well.

Black goes with anything. At the end of my one-colour-month, I am not going to want to discard all my clothes – this would be incredibly wasteful. So, it helps to have a colour that will mix and match with any other clothing I own (or may own in the future). Not only does black go with anything, it also matches just about any occasion, with the possible exception of weddings. Parties, first dates, job interviews, funerals, work, parent-teacher interviews, robbing a bank – wearing black would not seem out-of-place in any of these situations.

Black is always in fashion. Have trouble keeping up with the latest trends? Don’t know if you should be wearing pink or florals or pastels this season? Just throw on a little black number and you’ll always look chic.

Black is definitely a colour I will always have in my wardrobe. How about you? Do you ever wear black?

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