The money train never ends

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*Sigh*. Vast amounts of cash have passed through my hands today. Alas, none of it is here to stay. No sooner had the money hit my bank, than it was gone again. Poof! The magical disappearing dollars. First there was the rent (which rose $25 a week last month) and then there was the fines. I had so many bills come in at once that I just totally forgot to register my cats. Big mistake. $200 on the spot fine per cat. Then I had to spend $30 on medication for Annie & Butterfly. And then there was the kids’ pocket money. Finally, after a long, exhausting morning, we splashed out and bought Ichi-Maki for lunch.

So now, I am back to my usual state of being. Broke.

Oh well. Life goes on and there are plenty of folks way worse off than we are.

At least we have a roof over head, clothes on our back, food in our belly and the prospect of a pay-check next week.

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