Websites I wouldn’t want to live without

We all have websites that we visit on a regular basis. Websites that have become a part of our daily lives. You know the ones I mean. Those sites where downtime or lost internet connection causes withdrawal. When you can’t get back to them soonest, you start to miss the site, you begin talking about it with your friends, you check twitter to see what’s going on (is the downtime explained, is it a trending topic), you start to panic if the downtime lasts more than a couple of hours, your fingers type the url in thin air…

Sometimes, it seems like we just can’t live without our favourite sites. Here are my top five sites I wouldn’t wish to live without. What are yours?

Number 1: WordPress

WordPress is the site that hosts my three blogs: Ravings of a Lunatic Mum (my personal blog), Quotes, Votes & Random Notes (where I record random bits and pieces that have caught my interest) and Lemonade (my family’s blog which I am in the process of transferring from Multiply). Since so much of my life is recorded on this site, it is definitely the one I would miss the most.

Number 2: BookCrossing

For those who don’t already know, I am an avid BookCrosser. This means I attach labels and a tracking number to my books when I am finished with them and then leave them laying about somewhere for a new reader to find. This is my biggest hobby (besides reading, of course) and it is loads of fun. It is such a thrill when a book checks in after being absent for a few years and it is wonderful to be a part of a community of book lovers. This is also where I keep track of my extensive wishlist.

Number 3: LibraryThing

This site has proved to be an invaluable tool in keeping track of my books. What do I have on my shelf? Which books have I lent out? What did I previously own, but have now released? When did I read this book? How long have I owned that one? It is a great place to create a catalogue of all your books and, like BookCrossing, you can catch up with a bunch of other book lovers.

Number 4: G-Mail

Everybody needs an email to survive these days and I strongly dislike using the one provided by my ISP. I much prefer to have a web-based address and, out of all those I have tried, Gmail seems to suit me best.

Number 5: Crunchyroll

I prefer not to utilise free anime on YouTube and such because there is no money going back to the artist. However, I cannot afford to buy every single anime I want to watch. That is why I have a subscription to Crunchyroll. It isn’t expensive and I can watch as much anime as I wish while having the piece of mind that Crunchyroll only provide those anime for which it has paid the license fee. I cannot get all of my favourite anime there, but it narrows down the field of what I have to buy, and gives me a chance to discover anime I would not otherwise have watched.

So those are my top 5 websites I wouldn’t want to live without. Why not go and check them out?

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