Child of the ‘burbs


suburbs (Photo credit: maureen_sill)

When posed with the question of whether I prefer the city or the country, I would have to say neither. I prefer the suburbs.

Cities are big and beautiful (if you like that sort of thing) and easily navigated. There are art galleries and theatres and museums. Everything is close enough to be able to walk. Nice to visit, but I would not want to live there. Cities are noisy, dusty and smelly. There is too much pollution and not enough flora. Thousands of people are packed in like sardines and crime is astronomically high. Some people like the fast pace of life in the city, but it’s not for me.

In the country, there is plenty of flora and fauna to enjoy. Life is slower, less harried. The air is fresh. People are friendly, always ready to help out a mate. And there are no services. Access to schools, hospitals and shopping centres is limited. Food is expensive, water scarce and entertainment confined to the local pub. And bloody spiders are everywhere. I like the country and would rather live there than in a city.

However, I believe the best place for me is the suburbs. Most suburbs have a shopping centre, schools and parks. Most either have a cinema or are adjacent to a suburb that has one. There is a local swimming pool for the kids, doctors and medical centres for the sick and banks for those who need them. Hospitals are just a drive away if needed and I can easily visit either the city or the country whenever I feel like it. Crime exists, but isn’t unbearable.

Yes, the suburbs are the place for me. How about you?

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