New age vintage goth

Unfortunately, at the moment, I am caught in the rent trap. This means I am paying for somebody elses mortgage, I have to endure quarterly inspections and I need permission for something as simple as hanging a picture hook. It also means I am stuck with somebody else’s sense of style. Sure, I can buy whatever furniture I want (as long as it is within budget, that is) but it is hard to stop it looking out-of-place when you have no control over walls, floors, light fittings or even curtains. How can one expect a coffin bookshelf to suit a bright, airy room or a vintage chaise to look anything but silly in a fully modern home? For this reason, I have not been too bothered about coordinating my furniture – I just use whatever is going cheap or, better yet, free.

However, if by some strange miracle, I were to someday own my own home, I would have it decorated in a fairly unique but tasteful new age vintage goth style. This may sound strange at first, but I love all three styles – new age, vintage, goth – and I believe that these three styles can be blended quite well. For example, a beautiful twenties lamp would not look out-of-place in a dark gothic room, and a pair of fairy candlesticks would suit quite well a Victorian style parlour. Thus, with a few innovations to cleverly disguise such modern items as home theatre systems and refrigerators, I believe that a new age vintage goth home would be a perfect blend of my tastes (vintage, goth) and those of my husband (new age). This way we could both be comfortable in our own home without feeling as though our needs were not being met.

Some examples of the kind of stuff you might spot in my ideal home:

Pictures No Longer Available!


Of course, there would also be plenty of bookshelves and at least one library. I just didn’t bother searching for pics of those, since they are pretty much a given.

What would your ideal home look like?

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