Sauce for the goose

Jacky Bindieye, the black stockman, was sent by the station boss into a far part of the property to mind a mob of sheep and to see that they kept moving on to good feed. The boss took the stockman’s rations to him once a week.

On one of these visits the boss brought everything except the meat ration.

“Boss,” said Jacky, “you never brought any meat — and I only got a bone left.”

“That’s all right,” laughed the boss. “The nearer the bone, the sweeter the meat.”

When the boss came back a week later he was horrified to find the sheep in very poor condition.

“What do you mean by keeping the mob here, Jacky? There’s hardly any feed left!”

“That’s all right, boss,” laughed Jacky Bindieye. “the nearer the ground, the sweeter the grass.”

— Bill Wannan’s Come in Spinner

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