Top Ten Back-to-School Essentials 2013

Well, it’s that time of year again. Our kids have just returned to school, we’ve been issued with school lists and our kids are bugging us not to buy the same old generic stuff. So here is a list of school essentials that will help your child to stand out from their peers.

Number 10

The chocolate lovers among you will love this sharpener and eraser duo from US School Supply. The 1 1/2 inch single hole sharpener is a delicious way to sharpen those unruly pencils and contains a place to keep your sharpenings inside, while the chocolate coloured eraser is a fun way to eliminate those inevitable mistakes.

The Chocolate Pencil Sharpener duo costs $13.55 and can be obtained from US School Supply.

Number 9

Every child should have a library bag to protect theeir books when travelling between home and school. In fact, if your child’s school is anything like the one my kids attend, your child may not be allowe to borrow books without one. This cute but convenient drawstring bag from smiggle is perfect for library books, but can also be used to carry sports gear, shoes or anything else your child can think of. The bright colour stands out from the crowd and, with a choice of pink, blue, black, purple or orange, almost everybody’s taste is covered.

The Library Bag Tote costs just $9.95 AUD and is available online or in your local Smiggle store.

Number 8

Your child will delight in showing off their love of fast food with this take-away eraser pack from Urban Outfitters. Featuring a burger, fries and shake, erasing mistakes has never been this much fun. Place one in your child’s pencil case for school, keep one at home for homework and pu the third away as a spare, for that inevitable moment when the others get lost.

The Burger Eraser combo is available from Urban Outfitters at a cost of £4.00.

Number 7

No matter how old your child is or what grade they are in, one item they constantly need is pencils. Take care of their school requirements without compromising your environmental conscience with these Earth friendly bare wood pencils. Made from unpainted cedar wood with no laqcur or foil stamping, these guilt free HB2 pencils come with a latex-free eraser on the top.

The Bare Wood Pencils cost $21.65 for a pack of 144 and are available from US School Supply.

Number 6

Why buy your child one of those cheap boring tape dispensers that fall apart at the drop of a hat, when you can decorate their desk with the cuteness that is the snail tape dispenser. Featuring a weighted base and non-stick rubber footing, this snail holds up to 3/4 inch tape (not included). Your child will love having this dispenser on their desk.

The Snail Tape Dispenser costs $11.99 and is available from VAT19.

Number 5

Does your child need a new USB drive for school? Instead of the usual, boring sticks available in any supermarket, why not get them something a bit different? Something like this officially licenced Voltron, Defender of the Universe USB Flash Drive. Featuring movable arms, a twistable head and a decent 16GB of data, the Voltron USB Flash Drive comes preloaded with a handful of wallpapers for your desktop and a digitally remastered Voltron episode. In addition, the torso, arms, head and lower body are all detachable allowing your child to play freely when their work is done.

The Voltron USB Flash Drive costs $39.99 and can be obtained from VAT19.

Number 4

These medieval weapon pushpins will make even the most boring of reminders completely noticeable. Your child will never miss another due date or forget about that important test with these pushpins to draw their attention. Each pack contains ten pins – to each of five different medieval weapons.

The Medieval Weapons Pushpins cost just $9.99 and can be purchased from VAT19.

Number 3

Your child will be the envy of all their friends with this cute but functional gator stapler. The gator stapler uses standard staples (not included) and features a non-slip grip along it’s snout and a non-skid rubber bottom. Stapling has never been so ferocious!

The Gator Stapler costs $14.99 and is available from VAT19.

Number 2

The SwissPen X-1 Multi-function Executive Pen is the swiss army knife of pens. The SwissPen comes equiped with a map light, scissors, screwdriver, nail-file and letter opener. Unlike other multi-function pens, the SwissPen is perfectly balanced and weighs just 1.6oz. The best thing about this pen, however, is its ability to write upside down and under water and is water resistent, even in salt water.

The SwissPen X-1 Multi-function Executive Pen costs an unexpectedly low $49.99 and is available from VAT19.

Number 1

Your child’s history or art teacher will be suitably impressed when your child presents them with a project penned with quill and ink. The feather pen set makes writing and drawing a fun and educational experience. This kit contains everything your child needs to get started including a feather quill pen, a wood pen, seven metal nibs and a jar of Burnt Sienna ink. Extra vials of ink are available for purchase in the following colours: Burnt Umbar, Indigo Blue and Super Black. Packaged in an attractive gift box, this set is guarunteed to put a smile on your child’s face!

The Feather Pen and Quill Set costs an unbelievable $19.99 and the extra ink jars cost just $2.50 each. All are available from VAT19.

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