First Contact

I can’t speak for anybody else, but I believe thus:

First ever "Earthrise" photograph, t...

If aliens visit Earth, their very presence here attests to their technological advancement. After all, we are barely capable of sending unmanned missions to our nearest planets.

If aliens are more technologically advanced, they are just as likely to be aggressive as friendly. If you look at human history, the vast majority of technological leaps come from the military (whether at war or peace) or from civilians during wartime. Hence the more technologically advanced a *human* society is, the more warlike they are likely to be. In the absence of evidence, it is prudent to assume visitors to our planet are aggressive until proven otherwise.

Even if aliens are friendly to humanity the following apply:

1/ Initial contact needs to be slow and careful. I definitely don’t want humanity to go the way of the Native Americans and I’m quite sure our visitors don’t want to go the way of the aliens in War of the Worlds.

2/ Stating that aliens are friendly towards humans or that aliens are aggressive towards humans is like stating that humans love animals or that humans are murderers. People range from Mother Theresa to Charlie Manson and everything in between. We have scientists that experiment on anything new and animal rights activists and everything in between. We have soldiers and terrorists and peace activists and pacifists and everything in between.

What reason is there to believe that aliens would be any different?

Cheri Speak

alien peaceI love watching Ancient Aliens. In fact, I love watching most things about space, the cosmos, and the potential for discovering intelligent life “out there” … somewhere. Science and technology have come a long way and with it windows into the universe are clearer than ever before.

Our minds have expanded in myriad ways and now more than ever the belief in extraterrestrial life is common and even socially acceptable. What I don’t understand is why many think these beings would be more technologically advanced than we are? Also, why is it so many of us think E.T.’s would be aggressive towards us?

Maybe it is us Earthlings that are the advanced ones, and maybe it is our own aggression that keeps them from freely showing their lil green faces more often? Otherwise, I think they’d B4Peace!

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