Help me with my blog please?

*UPDATE: This is no longer an issue as I have changed my theme!*

I am having some trouble with my blog theme and I wonder if anybody can help me? It seems that what I am seeing is not the same thing others are seeing. I am reluctant to change the theme until I identify the problem as there is no guaruntee the same thing won’t happen.

Here is what I am seeing:

Raffertys Rules wordpress blog screenshot

Here is a screenshot submitted by one of my readers, Piglet in Potugal:

Raffertys Rules screenshot

As you can see, we bothuse firefox. Obviously, I do not want my readers to have scroll down to the content. Can anybody help me? Why are we seeing such different images for the same theme on the same site on the same browser? And how do I fix it?

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7 replies

  1. Maybe it has to do with each person’s screen size??


  2. Could it be the browser versions? Sometimes I have to use a very outdated browser – and it can do funny things to the layout.


  3. Sorry this is happening, but maybe you could look and see if you find a different theme that you like just as good, and give it a try for a day.


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