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this gfdl image (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am in the process of pulling up all my old blog posts for editing. I am doing this for two reasons. Firstly (and most importantly), I am removing all the ‘Read More’ tags. I do not need them with my current theme and, as I intend to create hard copies using Blog2Print, these tags are more trouble than they are worth. As anyone who has used Blog2Print will know, this program does not recognise ‘Read More’ tags, which causes problems with books only printing the portion above the tag.

My second reason for editing old posts is to add a featured image to posts without one. I am doing this because my new theme is visually based, and posts without a picture show up as an ugly grey rectangle. Since I am in editing mode anyway, I have decided to go one step further and spruce up my posts with Zemanta. Unfortunately, however, Zemanta images cannot be used as the featured image. Therefore, I have assigned a different picture for each of my categories. In the (frequent) case that a post only has a Zemanta image, I will use the generic picture I have assigned to the relevant category as its featured image.

Anyhow, one (rather pleasant) side effect of updating my old posts is that they are once again being brought to the attention of my readers. In response to the frustration expressed by one such reader, I have re-opened comments on old posts. Previously, I had comments automatically close after a year and a day. From now until further notice, they are permanently open.

I would like to encourage everybody to check out some of my old posts and leave comments while you still can. After all, I may change my mind again further down the track! Bear in mind, though, that I am still in the process of editing. I am working my way from oldest to youngest post, and I am currently up to August 2008. If you are looking at any post younger than this don’t be surprised if a picture or related article suddenly appears from one day to the next!

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