Blogging for Fame and Fortune by Jason R. Rich

Book Cover for Blogging for Fame and Fortune by Jason R. RichJust about everybody has a blog these days. They are so prolific that it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. Yet this is exactly what you must do if you wish to make money from your blog. Blogging for Fame and Fortune will show you how to do just that. Packed with hints, tips and advice, this book will have you making money from your blog in no time.

It is not just for money-makers, however. If, like me, you blog for fun and have no intention of monetizing, you can still derive benefit from reading this book. It is not just about making money, but gives advice on how to maintain a blog that will keep your readers interested so they return to your blog again and again.

Beginners will also like this book, as it can be used as a starters guide. From comparing the webs major blogging platforms, to instructions on how to create a blog; from describing different kinds of blogs to advice on how to make your blog awesome and unique; from tips on driving traffic to your blog to interviews with well-known and successful bloggers, this book has something for the absolute beginner and the experienced blogger alike.

I suggest taking your time reading this as the book is full of hints and suggested websites that you will want to note down as you go. I definitely recommend this book to anybody who has a blog or is considering starting one up. I guarantee you will find something in this book helpful.

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