English: Allison DuBois in Comic-Con.

While working as a child advocate in a nonpsychic [sic] context, I was able to talk with some parents of missing children who had previously used psychics for help. I was dumfounded at what they had been told by these callous opportunists. They had been given hurtful, traumatic details of their children’s abductions, but they had been led no closer to finding the children or the perpetrators. The psychics then charged money for inflicting such pain upon them.

I cannot tell you how upsetting this is to me. It makes me hot with anger for these parents and their children, because I spend my life trying to lend credibility to my gift.

I hope that by providing some guidelines for young psychics and mediums, I can help prevent them from becoming the types who injure their clients and damage our field. Nothing is more difficult than a loved one’s death, especially a child’s. If such details as “She screamed for her mother” are pertinent to a case (which is unlikely), offer them to the police, not to the family. Those who add salt to an already painful wound are not only unethical, they are without mercy or conscience.

— Allison DuBois in Don’t Kiss Them Good-Bye

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  1. You’d think if the psychic’s power were real, money would be so easy to come by that there would be no need to scrounge some out of a victim’s family.


    • Perhaps, but from what I understand it doesn’t exactly work on demand. Having said that, there are definitely many charlatans out there who make it very difficult for those who really possess the gift.



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