Thirty Day Book Challenge Day 1:

A book series you wish had gone on longer OR a book series you wish would just end already

Warning: Contains Spoilers!

The Changeover: A Supernatural Romance cover by margaret MahyThis is a difficult one for me because I am generally fairly happy with the length of series’ that I have read. Sure, I may miss them, and feel a void when they are gone, but once I get used to it, I tend to see the logic of stopping where they did. I have, however, come across a few stand-alone novels that I wish were a part of a series. Books where I would have loved to follow the continuing journey of the characters. One such book is The Changeover: A Supernatural Romance by Margaret Mahy.

Granted this is a young adult book, but then so many of my favourite books are. This particular young adult book tells the story of Laura, a young woman whose little brother has become the victim of a malicious creature which is prolonging its own life by draining the life force from Jacko. Knowing that nobody will believe her, and desperately trying to save her dying brother, Laura enlists the help of the creepy misfit Sorry Carlisle.

The path Laura must take to rescue her brother will require every ounce of strength, courage and dedication she possesses. Meanwhile, Laura still has to deal with the normal stresses of a teenage girl – raging hormones, budding romance, economic differences, Mum’s new boyfriend. This is an awesome book for teenagers and adults alike, but it ends way too soon.

I get that the point of the book is to save her brother and that the book ends once that goal is achieved. However, I really want to learn more about Sorry Carlisle and follow Laura as she learns the reach and limits of her new powers and to see how she copes with normal life now that she is a full-blown witch and follow the growth of Jacko and Laura’s step-sibling (name and gender escape me just now) and…well, you get the picture.

Suffice to say that I reckon Mahy could have gotten a whole new book out of these characters, perhaps even a trilogy or an entire series. And if she ever does write these books, I’ll be first in line at the store!

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  1. This sounds really interesting, I’ve never heard of it! *Sigh* there are just too many good books in the world, I just can’t get round to them all. Sometimes that makes me feel really happy, but other times sad.

    I hope you get your wish and that one day more books will be published! 🙂


    • It’s worth looking up if you can find it. It may be out of print by now. I can relate about the books – my wishlist is over 2,000 books and climbing – I will never get around to them all before I die!


  2. I might give this a try after reading your post. Good luck with the challenge, did mine in January!



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