30 Day Book Challenge Day 2:

Favourite Side Character

Warning: Spoilers!

Every story has a main character, around whom all the action revolves. However, it would not be much of a story if it weren’t populated by many more minor characters to interact with our hero. But what about those characters that aren’t really our hero, but are too important to the story to be called extras? These are our side characters and – let us be honest – they are often far more interesting and entertaining than the star of the show (or, in this case, book).

Amongst all the side characters I have known and loved, there is one who stands out as my favourite. His name is Prince Kheldar, aka Silk and he resides in the world created by David & Leigh Eddings in their series’ The Belgariad and The Mallorrean.

Silk is a sly, witty spy, merchant and thief who can get himself out of a tricky situation as quickly and smoothly as he got into it. His light-hearted personality and thievery might trick you into thinking him a fool. This is his intent. In actual fact, Silk is highly intelligent, very observant and extremely difficult to fool. He can out-bargain the best in his role as merchant and he knows just about everything their is to know about anyone and anything of importance. On top of that, there is nobody I would rather have beside me in a fight.

Silk’s teasing and cheeky remarks lend humour to a series which would otherwise be far too serious. There is no point quoting him here, however, because it is one of those times where to comprehend the humour, one must be familiar with the characters and storyline surrounding the remark. To read his words out of context is to be left scratching your head, wondering what all the fuss is about.

All I can do is recommend that you read the books and experience Silk for yourself. You won’t regret it!

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