30 Day Book Challenge Day 3:

The Longest Book You’ve Ever Read

watership-downWarning: Spoilers!

You may find this difficult to believe, considering how much I love books, but I actually have yet to read the most notoriously long books, like War and Peace and so on. I’m not daunted by the length, mind you, it’s just there always seems to be something more interesting around.

I was going to say that the longest book I’ve read is The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien, but technically that is actually three books, so I guess it doesn’t count, even if they were all in one volume. Then I thought, The Chronicles of Narnia, but again, though I read this in one volume, it is actually a series of separate stories.

On further consideration (and much memory wracking), I believe I am correct in stating that the longest book I have read is probably Watership Down but I’m not sure if this actually the longest book I’ve read or if it just seems as though it is. I did read this in Grade 8 and I did find large passages to be quite boring, so it is quite possible that the book seemed longer than it actually is. I would have to examine a copy of the book to be sure.

Don’t get me wrong, there was plenty in this book that I did enjoy, and I would definitely recommend it to older, more experienced readers who might not find those other passages so boring. For a kid, though – just rent the movie.

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