30 Day Book Challenge Day 6:

Book You’ve Read the Most Number of Times

tikki1I am a bit unsure as to the answer for this one, since I am assuming books read over and over (and over and over and over) to my children don’t count. I guess the book (or books) I have read the most are either The Lord of the Rings, Tikki Tikki Tembo or A Fly went By.

I first read The Lord of the Rings in grade 5. I know, most grade five kids would never be able to read this. I guess I was a precocious child. I loved it so much that I had already read it several times before I even hit high school. In grade 8, I decided to count each time I read it – I lost count somewhere after 50. By the time I finished High School, I reckon I had read at it least a hundred times, maybe more. What can I say? I am a major Tolkien fan.

Tikki Tikki Tembo was my absolute favourite book when I was a child. Mum showed the patience of a saint, reading this book to me over and over, sometimes even finishing the book, only to go straight back to the beginning and read it again. Once I was able to do so, I took over the reading. I loved this book so much it went everywhere with me. I can still remember poor Tikki Tembo’s full name to this day – and I still own my childhood copy of the book, in surprisingly good nick, actually.

A Fly Went By by Dr Seuss was my next to favourite book as a child. I never had this book read to me – I did all the reading myself. I loved the rhythm and timbre of the poetry and, of course, the story itself is hilarious to a young child. I never carried this around with me the way I did Tikki Tikki Tembo, but I did read it almost as often and I still own my very battered, worn and torn copy of this book.

I really could not say which of these books I’ve read the most. I can say they are all well worth reading, no matter how old you are!

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  1. tikki tikki tembo no sa rembo chari bari ruchi pip bery pembo. or something like that! right?



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