30 Day Book Challenge Day 7:

A Guilty Pleasure Book

Guilty Pleasures book coverThis is an extremely difficult question for me, because I really don’t have a guilty pleasure book. Having a guilty pleasure book implies that you are ashamed or embarrassed in some way about the book you are reading. I never feel this way. I am always happy to say what I am reading and to read it openly because I really don’t care what other people think about it.

I read whatever books I feel like reading and my taste encompasses all genres. I read fiction books. I read non-fiction books. I read kids books. I read popular fiction. I read classics. I read romance novels. I read porn and erotica. I read manga. I read sci-fi and fantasy. I read modern fiction and historical fiction. I read short-stories and extended series’. I read light books and heavy books. I read mysteries and horrors and chic-lit and religious fiction and poetry and politics and disaster fiction and vampire fiction and zombie fiction and current affairs and pretty much anything else I can get my hands on.

I judge each book on its merit, not public opinion, and I am never embarrassed to talk about a book I have read, even if my opinion differs from everybody elses. I guess, when posed with the question “What is your guilty pleasure book?” all I can say is “I don’t have one, do you?”

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