30 Day Book Challenge Day 10:

A Book You Thought You Wouldn’t Like But Ended Up Loving

The omplete Maus by Art Spiegelman book coverOne thing about me is that I don’t always read the fine print. Because of this I often find myself adding books to my wishlist because they have an interesting title or a unique cover without much thought as to what the books are actually about. Such was the case with The Complete Maus by Art Spiegelman.

In this case, I actually did read what it was about. It sounded interesting to read, so onto my wishlist it went. When the opportunity presented itself to borrow this book from the library, I did so. However, when I arrived home and sat down to read it, I was bitterly disappointed. What? A graphic novel? Damn it!

At that time, I was really not a fan of graphic novels. I had not yet discovered Manga and I had never seen an adult book in this format. In my mind, ‘graphic novel’ was synonymous with ‘comic book’ and I was really not interested. In fact, I almost returned the book to the library unread.

Before I could do so, however, there came a night where I was bored and tired and wanted something light to read. I looked at The Complete Maus and figured, well I borrowed it, I may as well give it a try, right? I was definitely pleasantly surprised.

Having grown up on stories of the Holocaust, I am somewhat jaded and de-sensitized, but even I found this account of a father relaying his experiences to his son moving. In fact, I was unable to put it down, and wound up reading the entire book in one sitting. Easier to read than most comics (there is no trouble knowing which bit to read next) and with a subject matter that holds your attention, I highly recommend this book.

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