30 Day Book Challenge Day 13:

A Book that Disappointed You

Geralds Game by Stephen King book coverAs many of my readers will know, I am a huge Stephen King fan. I love the way he spends words to ensure you are on the same page as he is. I love the way he populates his worlds with minor characters, with names, families, thoughts and histories of their own, where other author’s simply say ‘the baker’ or ‘the policeman’ or ‘the driver’.

I love the way he intertwines his novels so that you feel as though you are reading different stories from one big world, and how, when reading one book, you will recognise a character, a place, a news article – some minor detail from another of his books. I especially love his ability to scare the shit out of me. I never fail to have a sleepless night after reading one of his novels.

Which is why I was so disappointed when I attempted to read Gerald’s Game. I found this book to be terribly boring. I was not sucked into the story, the way I usually am with his books and, frankly, I just did not feel as though the writing was up to his usual quality. In fact, this the only Stephen King book that has ever failed to pass my fifty page test.

I suppose every author has to have a less than perfect work that isn’t up to their usual standard. For Stephen King that work is Gerald’s Game.

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