30 Day Book Challenge – Day 22

Least Favourite Plot Device Employed By Way Too Many Books You Actually Enjoyed Otherwise

LUTHERI read a lot of thrillers and mysteries and there are several plot devices that are quite common. There is just one that I find slightly annoying. I’m sure you have come across it at some point:

Traumatized, overworked cop has a drinking issue or temper problem and is close to being dismissed.

Suddenly a mass or serial murderer is on the loose and, of all the cops in the city, only the above-mentioned cop is qualified to find the perp. He is then persuaded (often under duress) to take the case, which he then becomes obsessed with.

Often he is working with a rookie cop.

During the course of the investigation, he develops a love interest.

He has a hunch on the identity of the killer but no proof.

He is not believed and is warned by his superiors to stay away from the suspect.

His love interest becomes a target of the killer.

He saves her at the last minute.

Suddenly everybody is hailing the cop as a hero.

Sound familiar?

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