30 Day Book Challenge – Day 25

The Most Surprising Plot Twist Or Ending

Agatha Christie by Dory21I cannot think of a single book to list here, but I can think of an author. There is one author whose books I enjoy reading who never fails to surprise me. Her stories are so full of twists and turns and false starts and sudden endings that it becomes almost impossible to foresee the outcome.

Still considered one of the most talented mystery writers of all time, her novels have an innocence and an old world charm that are lacking in today’s novels. I love that she creates an enjoyable atmosphere that does not require violence and temper tantrums. I love that she creates tension without having to vividly describe every gruesome detail. I love that her books contain a kind of wholesomeness, despite being murder mysteries. I love that she never fails to surprise me.

Have you guessed who it is yet? The author I am referring to is, of course, Agatha Christie.

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