30 Day Book Challenge – Day 26

Book That Makes You Laugh Out Loud

Book Cover of The Darwin Awards: 180 Bizarre True Stories of How Dumb Humans Have Met Their Maker by Wendy NorthcuttThe Book I am choosing for this category is The Darwin Awards: 180 Bizarre True Stories of How Dumb Humans Have Met Their Maker by Wendy Northcutt.

If you enjoy laughing at the stupidity of other people, then this book is for you. Some of these stories are hilarious. Others will have you shaking your head. All of them will leave you feeling glad you aren’t related. The Darwin Awards contains over 180 stories in the following categories:

  • Darwin Awards: nominees lost their reproductive capacity by killing or sterilizing themselves, thereby removing themselves from the gene pool.
  • Honorable Mentions: survived their escapade but still illustrate the innovative spirit of Darwin Award candidates.
  • Urban Legends: these are cautionary fables with various versions circling the internet, but any resemblance to actual events is purely coincidental.
  • Personal Accounts: these were submitted by loyal readers and are plausible but generally unverified.

Darwin Awards and Honorable Mentions are further divided into:

  • Confirmed by Darwin: indicates that a story was backed up by multiple submissions and more than one reputable media source.
  • Unconfirmed by Darwin: indicates fewer submissions and the unavailability of direct confirmation of media sources.

This is a seriously funny book and I highly recommend it.

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