etax1Well, it that time of year again. The time when people frantically search for lost receipts, impatiently await this years group certificates and lose their sanity in their attempts to correctly fill in their tax form. I began this years taxes with a bit of confusion. Centrelink, in their infinite wisdom, have decided they will no longer be issuing payment summaries, unless specifically requested. This decision initially puzzled me – after all, how am I supposed to fill in my taxes without knowing all the relevant information?

Fear not! It turns out that centrelink recipients can phone for their information if needed. Better yet, those who, like me, use the ATO’s E-Tax software to lodge their tax return, can opt to have quite a bit of their information (including centrelink income) pre-filled. Awesome!

Our taxes have been made so much easier with this automated system that I was able to complete and lodge taxes for both myself and my husband in the space of just two hours. Better yet, using E-Tax ensures that our returns will be processed in a couple of weeks. Way to go ATO!

I highly recommend using E-Tax for your tax return this year – it turns a dreaded chore into a quick and easy tick on your to-do list.

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