My 2013 Birthday Wishlist

Arkham Horror

Arkham Horror (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is only three days until my birthday, and everybody keeps asking me what I want for my present. Since I can never think of anything when I am put on the spot, I thought I might make a list of stuff I’ve been wanting to buy for myself, ranging from the pricy to the economical, to help them out.

Obviously quite a few of these things are way beyond our price range and won’t be bought for my birthday. In fact, if previous birthdays are anything to go by, I probably won’t get anything from my list. I have included expensive items because they are on my list of things I want to own one day. I have omitted the truly big ticket items like a house and a new car. Those are things I will probably never get to own.

What about you? What would your birthday wishlist look like?

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