Top Ten Animated Kids Movies

Making films that appeal to your audience is not an easy task, and that is especially true when your target audience is young children. The film needs to be entertaining and comprehensible to the children while also holding the interest of their parents. Many films fail to hit the mark, many succeed and some, like those on my list, succeed so well that even childless adults find themselves adding them to their DVD collection. Here is my list of the top ten animated kids movies that every adult should own. I have included favourite movie clips where I could and trailers (or, in one case, an amv) where I could not.

Number 10


Number 9

Chicken Run

Number 8

Barbie: Mermaidia

Number 7

Robin Hood (1973 Disney Version)

Number 6

Hotel Transylvania

Number 5

The Iron Giant

Number 4

Howl’s Moving Castle

Number 3

Spirited Away

Number 2

The Road to El Dorado

Number 1

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

If your favourite film is not on this list, do not take that to mean that I dislike it. There are so many excellent animated films out there, that it was hard to choose. In fact, I found this list incredibly difficult. My main criteria for making it onto my list was that it was entertaining for both adults and children, and that a family could watch the film several times without losing interest or getting bored. If you wish to see my shortlist, you can find it here. Happy viewing!

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6 replies

  1. Not the list I would have chosen, but an interesting list none the less!


    • Which films would you have chosen?


      • This probably is not really the best Top Ten list, but it is the one I thought of first so I guess it has some validity. I have done some animated film reviews you might like to check out, like The Road to El Dorado and Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, as well as all of DreamWorks traditionally animated films and some other ones. But here you go, as requested. 🙂

        10: The Rescuers/The Rescuers Down Under
        9: Ernest et Celestine
        8: WALL-E
        7: The Incredibles
        6: The Fox and the Hound
        5: Monsters Inc.
        4: Spirited Away
        3: The Lion King
        2: The Iron Giant
        1: Toy Story



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