Books I Read in September & October 2013

Word Cloud for Books REad in September & October

  1. Children of the Night by Dan Simmons
  2. Never Say Boo to a Ghost and Other Haunting Rhymes by John Foster & Korky Paul
  3. We Know by Gregg Hurwitz
  4. Mindbend by Robin Cook
  5. Cruelty Games by Wendy Robertson
  6. The Sentinel by Jeffrey Konvitz
  7. Blood Will Have Blood by Linda Barnes
  8. Magic Growing Powder by Janet Quin-Harkin
  9. Chameleon was a Spy by Diane Redfield Massie
  10. Tappity-Tap! What was That? by Claire Freedman & Russell Julian
  11. The Hymn and Night Plague Omnibus by Graham Masterton
  12. Beyond the Barrier by Damon Knight
  13. Fallen by David Maine
  14. Strangers by Dean Koontz
  15. Life Expectancy by Dean Koontz
  16. Pirate Treasure by Tytus Huffman
  17. The Lover of the Grave by Andrew Taylor (159 pages)
  18. Blood Work by Michael Connelly
  19. From Far Away Volume 2 by Kyoko Hikawa
  20. From Far Away Volume 1 by Kyoko Hikawa

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