Sunscreen (Photo credit: Joe Shlabotnik)

I really should be at college today, but I have skipped out. I forgot to put sunscreen on when we went to Wollongong the other day. As a result, I am agonizingly sunburned. I cannot carry my bag. I can hardly move without groaning. Even my clothes are killing me. I can hardly attend classes au natural, can I?

I have done a bit of study at home, but probably not as much as a should. As evidenced by the fact that I am typing here. I’ve done a bit of BookCrossing, placed my order with AussieFarmers Direct

(with just a few seconds to spare!) and watched a couple of episodes of SVU. Oh, and I finished reading Things My Girlfriend and I have Argued About. Awesome book. Absolutely hilarious. Don’t read it o a bus f you are easily embarrassed.

Spag for dinner tonight. Yum. I can’t wait. Especially as I don’t have to cook it!

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