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Well, they’ve gone and done it. They’ve killed YouTube. With each change that Google has made, YouTube has become a little less enjoyable and this last move is the final straw. By forcing users to open a G+ account in order to make, read or receive comments, Google will scare away a high proportion of content creators. After all, what is the point of posting videos if we cannot access the resulting discussions?

People should not be forced to join a site they do not wish to use merely to properly use a completely separate site of which they are a member. Internet users rejected G+ and Google Video and the majority will not be happy about being forced into using what they rejected. Corporations are supposed to listen, and respond to, the needs to their customers. They are not supposed to, as more and more are, tell their customers what they want, need and must use.

I, for one, have had enough. I am utilizing the ultimate power of the consumer — the ability to take my business elsewhere. I’m not sure if it possible to have an entirely Google-free web experience, but I am going to get as close to that ideal as I can. Therefore, over the next month or two, I will be road-testing alternatives to every Google product I currently use.

Gradually, as I find and join, these alternatives, I will be closing down my Google accounts. The first site I am trying out is a YouTube alternative called Trendo. What do you think of Google’s master plan to force everybody into using G+? Are you going to do so or are you, too, trying to find other sites to frequent? Let me know in the comments section below.

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