New Clothes & First Dogwash

HydroDogOnly two things of note happened today. First, Dad took the kids shopping for clothes. Given that they rarely get brand new clothing and that they love spending time with their Grandad, you can imagine just how pleased the children were with this activity.

Dad gave them each between $100 & $200 depending on age and it was interesting to see just how differently they spent their money. Storm bought mainly winter clothing. Annie bought a couple of pretty dresses (one of them brings to mind the tunics the Ancient Greeks used to wear) some practical clothes and a few pairs of summer PJs. Yasmine bought 2 swimsuits, leggings, T- shirts, a dress and some socks. Butterfly bought a couple of beautiful peasant tops and a dress from Tree of Life as well as a fifties-style dress from Myers (and she still has some money left over). However, all were equally excited to show off their acquisitions.

Even Jack got a treat today. Instead of his usual backyard bath, he enjoyed his very first professional clean. For just $45, he was treated to a nail clipping, shampoo, rinse, blow-dry, brush and spray of doggy cologne. He was a little nervous at first, but it didn’t take him long to relax into it. Even Cass, the groomer, was impressed.

A good day all round!

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