Lemon Lamingtons


IMG_0982 (Photo credit: RosieTulips)

Butterfly was tasked with purchasing some snacks from Coles yesterday and one of the things she came home with was Lemon Lamingtons. For those who don’t know, lamingtons are a popular Australian snack consisting of squares of sponge cake dipped in chocolate and covered with coconut. In this case, however, instead of chocolate, the cakes were dipped in lemon.

I won’t lie, I was rather skeptical when Butterfly told me what she bought, but I’ll try almost anything once, so I had one for afternoon tea. Oh my goodness. If you haven’t tried these, you are missing out. They are delicious and have a completely different taste from ordinary lamingtons. Anyway, I have found the recipe on KidSpot. Here is a link for those who want to try these for themselves:


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  1. Yum!!! What a great concept. Thank you for sharing.


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