Trendo Vs Daily Motion Part 1

Having made the decision to leave Google behind as much as is possible, I am gradually experimenting with the various Google alternatives scattered about the web. The first Google product I will be replacing is YouTube. In  order to facilitate this, I am currently road-testing two video sharing communities. The first is Trendo, the new kid on the block, the second is the well-established site called DailyMotion.

For my first comparison, I have opened an account, customized my profile and uploaded two of my old videos. Here is the verdict so far.



Personalization. I am a huge fan of it and Trendo goes some way towards fulfilling that need by allowing users to upload a background picture in addition to their avatar.

Detailed About Box. Trendo gives users plenty of space to include interests, favourites and a homepage URL.

YouTube Community. A large number of my favourite YouTube community members have migrated over to Trendo.


Clutter. If not done correctly, the user’s profile page can feel a little cluttered.

Confusing. Trendo provides a short tutorial video, but I still found this site difficult to navigate. Also the links in my notification emails don’t work, so I have to try to navigate around Trendo to see comments and replies.

Excess Baggage. One of the things I dislike about the YouTube changes is the emphasis on total integration, and migrating to Trendo does not solve the issue. While video sharing is clearly the main focus, Trendo also includes blogs, photos, chat-rooms and games. This is too much all in one spot for my taste. I like to spread the love!



Simplicity. I found DailyMotion to be incredibly easy to use. My profile page was set up in a matter of minutes and it is not difficult to figure out how to add content and follow other channels.

Fast. I know my older videos are relatively light and quite short, but the speed at which they uploaded was incredible. It only took me a couple of minutes to upload and edit my two videos. After using YouTube’s video up-loader, this site felt like it was working close to light speed.

Playlists. This was one of my favourite features on YouTube and I was sad to see it missing from Trendo.

Recommended Video. When you upload a video to DailyMotion, you are given the option of pointing viewers in the direction of the video of your choice, allowing you to promote your favourite videos.

Sharing. DailyMotion offers full integration with Facebook for those who wish to use it, but it remains optional. The site also makes it quite easy to embed your video in your blog or webpage.


YouTube Community. While many of my favourite YouTube-rs are on Trendo, I was only able to find two on DailyMotion. One is my husband and the other hasn’t added content in two years.

Personalization. The profile page on this site is attractively streamlined, but it does not allow for uploading a background image.

The Verdict

Obviously I have not used these sites enough to make a final decision as yet, but right now, I would say that DailyMotion is in the lead

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